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best suzuki bikes of all time

Suzuki is one of the best bike makers in the world and has made its presence in the last 60 years. building a reputation for manufacturing exciting and quality motorcycles, winning uncountable races, and consistently pushing two-wheeled technology is what has been in Suzuki’s DNA.

There are many Suzuki bikes to fill a list, but which are the bikes we like most? Considering that we’re talking about Suzukis here, we could easily fill a list with GSX-Rs alone but for the sake of diversity, we’ve decided to widen our view a little bit and included the best Suzuki bikes of all time from a whole range of its collection.

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Suzuki Bandit GSF600

When Suzuki was producing super racing bikes time after time the Suzuki bandit was the bike that every rider could afford rather than buying expensive superbikes. The bandit has a super engine of 600cc four-cylinder and has a simple chassis. The motorbike was for beginners but also had enough power to thrill racers.

Suzuki bandit was based on simple mechanics and it was its price that made it different from all other bikes in the Suzuki segment. This budget bike is a must-try if you ever get a chance to put your hands on it.

Suzuki DR- Z400SM

If you are the person who loves dirt race bikes then this one’s for you. This was a bike that could be perfect for both on-road and off-road riding and racing. 

The bike was powered by a 398 cc single-cylinder engine. This was a motorbike that has a horsepower of just 34 but used to give a feel way more than that. The bike has street tires which makes people want to ride it and is the bike to be in our list of top 10 Suzuki bikes of all time.

Suzuki V Strom 650

The new Suzuki v Strom 650 was similar to the SV650 but they had some differences between them. The Suzuki v Strom 650 was powered by a 645cc twin engine.

This bike was launched in 2004 and is still in the market and also has been the best seller in the year it was launched. The all-new 1000 cc engine is a great option for people looking to buy this bike as it gives an amazing feel for a rider.

Suzuki boulevard

The Suzuki bike lover has some special love for the Suzuki boulevard because of its quality engine. this long bike has a low level but has a great look. The Boulevard C90 has a stunning 1462 cc V -twin engine with 67 hp. This bike is fueled just like GSX -R machines.

This motorcycle has a look for people looking at both classic and modern bikes and is loved by many people. This is because this bike is on 7 spots of our list of top 10 Suzuki bikes of all time

Suzuki SV650

Another Suzuki bike that stormed the bike world and was loved by millions of bike lovers. This bike is not heavy as compared to other bikes and is a middleweight reliable feel for all riders.

The Suzuki SV650 is powered by a V-twin liquid-cooled engine which gives horsepower of 70. The stunning bike can reach 60 mph in just over 3.3 seconds which is very impressive for any person who loves riding high-speed bikes. This bike has got something to be in our list of top 10 Suzuki bikes of all time.

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Suzuki TL 1000R

The stunning bike has a quite similar look to the beast Hayabusa. The bike is powered by a 1000 cc V-twin engine and is a solid piece that could withstand any situation on the field.

The bike has high engine horsepower up to 135 and is a cool machine on its own. This is loved by all those who love to ride high-speed racing bikes and also this bike has got some looks. The bike was launched in late 90s and has amazing popularity among youth riders. The bike has got enough to be on our list of top 10 Suzuki bikes of all time.

Suzuki katana

Launched in the early 80s the bike revolutionized the motorcycle world especially that of Suzuki. Launched in 1982, the Suzuki katana brought some major changes in the motorbike world.

The bike has got a stunning design that was loved by all. The bike is also powered by a powerful 1100 cc and this established a new trend for Suzuki in the motor industry. The bike has got everything for you to try your hands on it if you get a chance.

Suzuki RG500

A bike that was perfect for racing. The two-stroke engine motorcycle has a horsepower of 94 and could reach the top speed of 150 mph. One of the major features of this bike was it was light in weight and was easy to ride on top speed weighing just 345 pounds. The bike had an anti-dive system in place.

The RG500 was not like a racing bike machine, but the engine of this bike was for racing. The bike was loved by a lot of people on its initial launch and is also our preference to be on the list of top Suzuki bikes of all time.

Suzuki GSX-R750

One of the most popular Suzuki bikes that have been in the market for years. The GSX is a pride bike to be owned. The bike has got some great performance features with a lightweight feel. The bike also comes with an amazingly affordable price.

The GSX-R750 was launched in 1985, the motorcycle from then is constantly in the market and has been kept upgraded from time to time. The stunning engine with a capacity of 128 horsepower and bodyweight of just 429 pounds made this bike a complete package for riders and bike lovers.

Suzuki Hayabusa 

Ironically the best bike of Suzuki ever made.  The bike is a league of its own and is really fast and falcon. The bike was first launched in 1999 with a version of GSX1300R and stunned everyone in the motorbike world. The bike was powered by a stunning 176 horsepower.

Loved by millions and is a dream for many people all over the world. The bike looks big and stunning and sexy for most of the men who love to ride it. The bike is powered with a top speed of over 320 km per hour and is the reason to be on top of our list of top 10 Suzuki bikes of all time. If you are looking to buy then go for the latest Hayabusa version which could be expensive at the time but will pay your price.

Suzuki has launched some amazing bikes through the decades and the above given are the top 10 among them.


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