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Delhi To Amritsar On Bike Bajaj Discover 135

by Sweeta Gupta
delhi to amritsar on bajaj discover 135

It was my first road trip on bike, a journey from Delhi to Amritsar on Bike Bajaj Discover 135 in four days. I covered a distance of 2,500 km. The journey so far was one of the best moments of my life. I hope you also get to experience that. I started my ride with a smile on face, and I almost ended the trip with tears in my eyes.

Yes, this journey was so much more than a road trip.

I have arranged the entries on the basis of days, starting from day 0 to day 4. You can read all the four days of my journey below. This is a rolling entry; you don’t have to read the entry in order.

DAY 1  – Delhi to Haridwar
DAY 2  – Haridwar to Ambala
DAY 3  – Ambala to Chandigarh
DAY 4  – Chandigarh to Amritsar [END]

Day 1 , 13th Aug 2017

My journey started at 8:30 am from Delhi to Haridwar (330 km).

We were 3 people on the bike and there are 2 bikes of bajaj discover 135. I was leading the group and setting the pace. We left Delhi around 9:00 am and by 12:00 pm, we reached Pratapnagar, a small village just 30 Km from Haridwar. By this time our friends decided to eat lunch at a dhaba in Pratap Nagar, while I was still not full and chose to eat some fruit that I carried with me instead of having lunch.

After a hour break, we took the road again and reached Haridwar by 3 pm. I was planning to go straight to Har Ki Pauri which is one of the famous tourist attractions in the Uttaranchal. But as I reached Haridwar, I saw that there’s heavy traffic on NH2 as it’s a holiday weekend and it became difficult for me to reach Har Ki Pauri on time.

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Instead of wasting any more time, I decided not to go to Har Ki Pauri and moved towards Uttarkashi. Uttarkashi is quite a small town around 345 km from my starting point of Delhi. I reached Uttarkashi by the evening and it was around 8:30 pm, I was feeling hungry. I decided to have dinner at Sajjan Ghar in Uttarkashi.

I ordered dal tadka subji and a bottle of water for 75 Rupees (approximately Rs 65). The food wasn’t that great and I would not recommend you to go there unless you want to eat here.

After a good dinner, I reached my hotel room in Uttarkashi around 11:30 pm.

DAY 2 – Haridwar to Ambala

After a good sleep, we left the hotel at 4 am for Amritsar which is situated nearby at approx 650 km from Haridwar. And my bike bajaj discover 135 was making some weird sounds from the bike, I found that the radiator fan is not working as it supposed to.

delhi to amritsar on bajaj discover 135, a trip on bajaj bike

By 7 am, we started our journey on NH2 towards Ambala (320 km). We stopped at a dhaba for breakfast at 8 am and after that we kept on riding for 12 hours straight without any stop. By the time I reached Ambala around 9 pm, my tank was already empty and I was feeling complete exhausted.

It was one of the most challenging 2500 km ride of my life in a single day.

This ride took me 25 hours to reach Ambala from Delhi with an average speed of 40 kmph (including stops).
This is the first time I am doing such a long distance in one day for a bike.

DAY 3 – Ambala to Chandigarh

On third day of our ride, we planned to cover the short distance of approx 180 km to Chandigarh. I started my journey at 6:30 am with a fully loaded bike in the peak traffic hour.

In between, I found that the front may has developed some issues and the shocks were not working properly.

This ride took me 8 hours to reach Chandigarh from Ambala with an average speed of 32 kmph (including stops).

DAY 4 – Chandigarh to Amritsar

On the fourth day, it was my turn to do long distance riding. I set off from Chandigarh at 6:30 am in the midst of peak traffic hour. The weather was a bit chilly and frosty so I wore my clothes for both of the days.
On this day, I covered almost 307 km with an average speed of 34 kmph.

delhi to amritsar on bajaj discover 135, road trip on bike

In day two, I had planned to cover 50km from the start of the day till I reached my destination. Finally I reached at my destination and visit at the Golden Temple, which is very peaceful place and it also provide langar[ food] and I sat there for a while.

From Golden temple I then left and drive back to the hotel. After a nice bath back to my room, I then went out for dinner and enjoyed dinner till late night with my friends.

Next day I visit at the Wagah Border which is the Border between India and Pakistan.

I enjoyed a full day with my friends and we have a good time there. On the evening we again visit at Amritsar Golden Temple which is very great place to visit and also enjoyed there for a while.

After that we left Amritsar and drive all the way back to Delhi.

This was one of the best road trips, which I’ve ever done with my friends till date. It was full of fun, laughter, joy and excitement which I will never forget in my life. Hope you also get to experience this type of road trip someday in your life.

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