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Center urges ministers and heads of ministry to use EVs in the official field

by Navyatha Sandiri
ministry to use EVs

Minister of Power and New and Renewable Energy of the Union RK Singh has written for the Government of India ministry to use EVs. Initiative on the Conversion of Official Vehicles of Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) / Oil / Diesel Vehicles to all Union Ministers including the Ministers of States, including the Ministers of the Independent Charge, and to the Chief Ministers of all State or Union Territory Universal.

“The Union Minister of Power and New and Renewable Energy has, in his efforts to foster electric vehicles within the country, sent a letter from all the Union Ministers, including the Minister of States (independent charge) and Chief Ministers of all the States/ UT’s, to join the Transformative Mobility initiative of India and advise their respective ministries/departments on their implementation.

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The Government of India’s program – sometimes called GO ELECTRIC CAMPAIGN – is designed to support the usage of electric cars in order to achieve the target of pollution reduction, power, energy security, energy efficiency, etc.

The Minister of the Union interacted with the regulators on Thursday. The Regulators’ Forum has decided to draw up standards on numerous regulatory criteria and concerns. The state commissions for best practices and faster implementation of reform and regulatory policies would adopt these standards.

In February this year, Road Transport & Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari argued that the usage of EVs for all government personnel in the ministries and departments was compulsory. It requested the Power Minister to make the use of EVs in its departments compulsory for officials, stating he will use this for his departments.

ministry to use EVs

Alone INR saves about 30 crores every month with the use of 10,000 electric vehicles in Delhi, Gadkari stated at the time.

The Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) was the first government entity to switch totally to electric cars in the national capital in July. The Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2020 states that all municipal government departments must migrate to electric vehicles using a lease scheme.

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This letter is a follow-up to the address of the Union Power Minister at the International Solar Alliance and the Ministry of the North-Rhine/”India-ISA NRE’s Energy Transition Dialog 2021.” In that speech, Singh emphasized that the administration has implemented laws and regulations that provide the renewable energy industry an incentive.

In recent decades, India has pushed aggressively for energy efficiency gains in combining creative market mechanisms with business models, institutional building, capacity building, and demand generation, adding Singh to the report. “The government has developed positive energy policy and legislation to foster renewable energy.