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Cars which are the the best for college girls

by Meghashree Das
Cars for College girls

College time is the most fun time for everyone. It is the time that fills vibrant colors in one’s journeys. Apart from attending schedules and completing assignments, the best cars for college girls this time is perfect for having some fun as well. When you have a close group of friends and all of you love traveling, owning a vehicle amongst all is a good idea.

Nowadays, kids want to be independent and live life on their own terms. For this, they like to have freedom of movement with learning. Many students, especially girls travel to their institutes from a long distance. Always looking for public transport and changing vehicles for to and fro journey can become exhausting.

Therefore, college girls love to and should have access to private transport that can get them home safely. For this nothing is better than having an affordable vehicle. Not only having a vehicle fulfills the purpose of the journey, but also can be used for having fun with friends and going on a long drive. Learn what are some of the best vehicles that college students can own and use for affordable traveling.

5 Best cars for college girls:

Choosing a car that fits your needs correctly is very important. Not only should it complement your style statement but also your budget. However, finding such a vehicle is a tedious job.  There might be many cars that fit your needs, but not your budget. On the contrary, you might want to get a car that is within your budget but does not have all the features. Hence, here is presenting some of the most beautiful cars that balance both budget and features.

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Maruti Suzuki swift:

Maruti Suzuki Swift is god for college students if they are looking for more driving convenience and fun than the regular hatchback. Maruti offers swift in petrol and diesel models. It provides a mileage of 20.4km per litre for petrol and 25.2 km per litre for diesel engines. Swift has a starting price of 5.19 lakh and ranges between Rs. 2 to 5 lakhs for pre-owned vehicles.

Therefore, it makes it the most economical hatchback for college girls. Furthermore, exciting college trips can also be planned when you have a Maruti. It is great for comfort also and is capable of accommodating most of the important luggage for the trip. Apart from that, a spacious trunk is always available in Swift with a spacious glove box for holding vehicle documents and more.

Hyundai elite i20:

The Hyundai Elite i20 is amongst the most preferred premium hatchbacks among college students. Hyundai is considered a luxury car at an affordable price. It has great performance and compacted with a lot of features. It consists of features like projector headlamps, touch screen infotainment system, cosmetic enhancements, fluidic design at the same price.

The looks and design of the car can easily sway people and help in establishing a style statement in the college. The new lite i20 starts from Rs. 5.59 lakhs ranging up to Rs. 9.92 lakhs. Second-hand cars in the same model shall have a lesser price. Therefore, for pre-owned cars, the price can start from 4 lakhs and may go up to Rs. 6.7 lakhs. For college students, especially girls this model is to die for!

Maruti Suzuki alto:

Maruti Suzuki alto is one of those cars which are not considered affordable, for also stylish. Alto is the star performer in the segment of good price as it starts from just Rs. 3 lakhs, making it value for money and safe car. It offers a driver-side airbag and comes with a power generation from a 1.0-litre petrol engine. The power generated is 67hp and 90Nm torque.

This makes it very easy to negotiate the constant city traffic as well as highway speeds with comparatively better ease. Therefore, if independent college girls are looking for an affordable car, then the Maruti Suzuki alto can definitely be a choice.  

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Tata tiago:

Tata tiago is a long termer type of automobile.  It is called so because this model is considered to be the most loyal one and is bound to stick around for longer. For someone who is looking for a car with long time use, even after college days, tata Tiago is the right choice. The city runabout of the car has won a lot of hearts and praises due to good looks, fuel economy, and apt rides.

The textured dashboard consists of piano black trim on the center console, power mirrors in Tiago make it all the way more a better investment. Tiago is also equipped with LED cabin light, which is something that is not seen in many mass cars. The safe ride, quality interiors, and sound system make it apt for the next car ride with friends. Moreover, Tiago starts at Rs. 5.7 lakhs and ranges to 6 lakhs approx. a pre-owned version of this will cost between Rs. 4-5lakhs. Make Tiago your trustable partner for college days and enjoy the ride!

Renault kwid:

Renault kwid is one of the best options for students’ drivers who have a focus on affordability and ease of maintenance. This car is compact and provides a mileage of 25.17kmpl. running of the 28-liter fuel tank and 5-speed manual transmission, kwid is quite feasible for college days to use by girls.

Especially for long distance travelling this car is brilliant. Good news for girls is that they have 5 different colors to choose from so that you can select what fits your style statement. It has ample foot space and hence even fits well for trips and outings with friends. Starting at Rs. 2.92 lakhs of new and Rs. 2.29 lakhs for pre-owned kwid are a great buy for college going girls.


College going girls should have cars for making everyday travel easy and safe. For this one does not need to invest a fortune. There are many cars that come in an affordable price range and hence it can be opted. Look out for your favourite car and choose from amongst the best. Fly high girl!

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