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7 best cars to drive to the Himalayas in India

by Navyatha Sandiri

The excitement gets, two old when this cherished drive is enjoyed with the company of close friends and family members. For road drive enthusiasts, when it comes to choosing a destination to enjoy the drive, there cannot be a better choice than a drive in the mountains.

Remember the real thrill comes only when you leave the smoothly paved runway and set off for the Himalayan hill range. It is highly advised to drive your own vehicle rather than opting for hire services to enjoy genuine ecstasy in the Mountains.

Weather always disappoints in high altitudes, and a cozy cold morning or summer can become a dreadfully moist and windful storm in no time. In addition to its comprehensive equipment and products, you will need a muscle vehicle that can confront the tremendous challenges of the Himalayan region in order to meet these uneven terrain and weather conditions. So the most 7 of the best cars in the Himalayas are as follows below.

Mahindra Thar Drive

The offbeat destination specialist, Mahindra Thar has got all that is required for a vehicle to take on mountains and Himachal Pradesh or Jammu and Kashmir-like hilly destination. A powerful 2.5 L drive and 4X4 mechanism load the offroader closely relate to the popular MM540 and the Military-Specific MM550. With an iconic street appearance, the go-anywhere vehicle is accessible in soft-top AC and non AC avatar, which adds to the venture with further effect.

Finely, the sturdy suspension that lets you navigate rocky lands quickly and comfortably is one of the main features of this classic SUV. Thar’s available in DI 2WD, DI 4WD, and CRDe, three trimmings. Manual shift on the high and low ratio fly 4WD system, Borgwarner manual shift, mechanical rear-closing gap, etc., are among the essential features of off-road.

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Mahindra Scorpio Drive

Driving a Scorpio regularly is an enjoyable activity for those travelers who enjoy the fun scenery of robust roads. A manual 4X4 system is available in the Mahindra Scorpio S4 model and the S10 4X4 is automatically loaded. Top models from Skorpio have 6-inch touch screen infotainment, 10 GPS navigation languages, 4WD motion, double airbags, EBD-ABS, and so on.

Another hardy automobile with adequate power plant reliability is superior energy, a decent cabin, and a nice exterior. Mahindra Scorpio is well within the control of the hill of the Himalayas, so it can be chosen in seven trimesters and three motors, ranging from petrol to 116 bhp to 2.1 l, turbo diesel to 115 bhp and turbo diesel to 2.2 l. and turbo diesel to 120 bhp. It has an SUV version of the lifestyle Scorpio Getaway, allowing you to enjoy unbounded pumps.

Tata Safari Strome Drive

The Tata Safari Storme SUV is a rival of Mahindra Scorpio, it is a tool for real adventurers who enjoy fearless adventure and reverences traveling across hills, mountains, or forests. The Safari Storme’s 156 hp and 400 Nm from 2.2 L powertrain VariCOR can take on any rough terrain with an elevated driving stance and a significant ground clearance of 200 mm.

In addition to the high performance and characteristics of Tata Safari Storme, such as a four-wheel electronic flying mechanism, a restricted slip span, an anti-lock brake system (EBD), dual airbags, internal stability and comfort components are worthy of notice.

Furthermore, Harman features the integrated CONNECT NEXT device for pure entertainment with 6-spoke speakers and the best space for luggage and other occupants’ items.

Mahindra BoleroDrive

Mahindra Bolero, India’s most trusted SUV, has seen a golden streak from the very beginning. Only thanks to its durability were the robust and strong SUV with a macho role successful. Mahindra Bolero will undeniably deliver your goods whether it’s rail, road, or temperature.

The super-hit country car is one of the best options for an adventure ride to the mountains and a reliable companion to your soul. Bolero offers 62 bhp and 195 Nm in hard motor and 70 bhp and 195 Nm in lighter motor options in two diesel engine options, 2523cc and 1493cc. Bolero is fitted with a micro-hybrid system with 180 mm ground clearance and a boot size of 460 L. While in the lineup there is no 4×4 version, the brute performance overall never helps you to get anywhere.

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Ford Endeavour

When it comes to an SUV with a wide shoulder stance, nothing comes to mind but Ford Endeavor. The powerfully engineered high-end mean machine which designs to defy all odds. It has two diesel engine alternatives of 3.2 L (200 hp and 470 Nm) and 2.2 L (160 hp and 385 Nm), Effort 2.2 L comes with an alternative of 6-speed manual or automatic transmission, while 3.2 L is offered with a single alternative of 6-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Endeavor comes with all the features of a true explorer in the form of dual airbags/side airbags/curtain airbags/knee airbags, EBD ABS, Electronic Stability Software, Traction Control System, Hill Launch Assist, Slope Management System, Hill Descent Control, etc. In comparison, the thrill doubles with the usability of the panoramic sunroof and an enormous ground clearance of 225 mm.

Mahindra XUV 500

Mahindra XUV 500 is the first SUV brand to be designed using a monocoque frame. Utility Major’s premium quotient SUV endows with space oodles, a plethora of features, and a wealth of technical advances. In spite of all this, there is still no shortage of an inch on its merciless power-packed output under challenging conditions. It’s 2.2-liter ‘mHawk’ diesel powertrain makes a solid grunt of 140 hp and 330 Nm.

The XUV 500 model list includes AWD, 2WD, manual transmission, and automatic transmission options. With exhilarating comfort inside and supreme success under the XUV 500 hood, as it never disappoints you at any level of your excursion.

Toyota Fortuner

The great explanation for Toyota Fortuner’s impeccable triumph in India was it’s dual (road and off-road) capacity. It has the exteriors of an urban SUV and the heart of a robust pick-up truck. The second wave of Fortuner, with its inner-out magnificence, has made its rivals fall flat. Toyota Fortuner comes with an option of 2755cc diesel (177 PS/420 Nm) and 2694cc petrol (166 PS/245 Nm) on any unkind terrain. Here the diesel engine will get an optional AT.

In addition to ample safety attributes, there are plenty of off-road features including Hill Assist Control 4X2, Downhill Assist Control 4X4, 4WD High and Low Range, Active Traction Control, Electronic Drive (2WD/4WD) Control, Underbody Protector, and Approach/Departure Angle 0.51 rad/0.44 rad.