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Which is the Best Bike under 1 lakh?

by Navyatha Sandiri

Given the scale of the bike market in India, the purchase of the best bike under 1 lakh is no short choice. However, too many choices may also be confusing.

What’s the right specs for? What is more suited for my requirements?

The method of purchasing a motorcycle will make these things very complex.

Nevertheless, because the budget is transparent, the list will be greatly shortened. Typically you are limited to less than 200 cc engine capacity when you purchase a bike priced below Rs.1 lakh.

Taking these considerations into account, for your consideration we curated the list of India’s best bikes under Rs.1 lakh. Check it out to discover the details of bikes that will fall under your range!

Hero Xpulse 200

Which is the Best Bike under 1 lakh?

Priced below Rs1 lakh, this could be the best bike in this range you can use. The efficient single-cylinder engine of the bike produces an average 18.1bhp capacity and a 17.1Nm torque.

This adventure bike is also fitted with a high-level mudguard, speaking wheels, bottom plate, gaiter, making it the best companion for long journeys.

Kilometers: 40kmpl

Engine : 199.6cc.

Price: 97,000 Rs.

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Honda CB Hornet 160R

Which is the Best Bike under 1 lakh?

One of India’s best Rs.1 lakh commuter bicycles, this bike has 3 variants available. In addition to its 14.9bhp engine and 14.5Nm, the stylish look of the CB Hornet is one of the points which stand out.

You will enjoy a superior riding experience on this bike with five different versions of the platform on the market.

In the best design category in the CII Design Excellence Awards, the Honda CB Hornet 160R won top honors in 2016.

Kilometers: 60kmpl

Engine Transition: 162.7cc.

Price: 95,542 Rs.

TVS Apache RTR 160

Bike under 1 lakh

One of the first models in the TVS portfolio is The Apache RTR 160. Its success, however, remains unprecedented. It comes with a 15.3bhp and 13.9 Nm power generation motor. You will be able to select from 6 paint choices recently revised with the BS-VI emission requirements.

Kilometers: 50kmpl

Engine: 159.7cc.

Price: Can be range up to Rs.93, 539

Honda X Blade

This one has already made a big impact on the riders and is one of the newest addition to the Honda 160cc list. The strong motorcycles produce 13,93bhp with a 13,9 Nm torque which is easily added to our list of the best motorcycles in India with an Rs.1 lakh. It is also well advanced in its defense, fitted with single-channel ABS.

Miles: 50kmpl

Engine Transition: 162.7cc.

Price: Rs.80, 325 starting.

Bajaj Pulsar 150

Bike under 1 lakh

Bajaj Pulsar 150 is stylish and cheap and is comfortably one of the best locations in India under Rs.1 lakh. The most critical reasons making it the best selling 150cc bicycle in India are its muscular styling and fuel efficiency. In addition, the engine is also promising for superior performance at 13.6bhp and 13.25Nm torque.

Miles: 50kmpl

Engine: 149cc to 149.5cc

Price: Rs.75, 200 starting.

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Honda CB Unicorn 150

The Honda CB Unicorn is a motorbike with outstanding on-road performance and appealing features. The single-cylinder motor will output a maximum 12.8Nm torque with a single ABS tube. A 5-speed transmission is also installed for the engine. 3 color options, namely – green, red and black, are present on the bike.

Miles: 60kmpl

Engine: 149.2cc.

Price: Rs.72, 633 starting.

Hero Glamour FI

Glamour is a remarkable bike because, after its split from Honda, it’s the first bike built by Hero from scratch in 2017.

This Rs.1 lakh bike in India provides a sleek build and numerous colors, including front disc brake, rear body-colored mirrors, and alloy split wheels. The motorcycle also has a cool, 4-stroke, 9.1bhp engine and 10.35Nm torque.

Miles: 70kmpl

Engine : 124.7cc.

Price: Rs.66, 700 

Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon

Another bike from Bajaj’s Pulsar range, the 125 Neon is one of the most famous bikes in India. Weighing at 140kg, this is a lightweight bike, which packs a punch on the track.

The engine apart from producing 11.8bhp power and 11N torque has also been modified to meet BS-VI emission requirements. In October 2019, the selling of Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon surpassed the 40,000-unit mark.

Miles: 55kpl

Engine: 124.4cc.

Price: Rs.63, 616 starts

TVS Star City Plus

The TVS Star City Plus is a sensible motorcycle for regular commuters. The bike offers fantastic performance and outstanding features, one of India’s top 10 motorcycles in2019 under the Rs1 lakh. Its 4-speed manual gearbox single-cylinder engine delivers 8.08bhp power and 8.7Nm torque.

The bike is sold in two models – monotone and dual-tone. Some of the most notable features of this bike include LED headlamps, five-step adjustable shock absorbers, USB handheld chargers, etc.

Meiling: 70kmpl up to 86kmp

Engine: 109.7cc

Price: Rs.62,034 starting.

Honda Livo

Honda Livo

Livo is a premium motorcycle from Honda 100/110cc. The bike is powered by an 8.31bhp engine and a 9.09Nm torque with a 4-speed manual gearbox.

Some of the most notable features of this bike are tank extensions, tubeless tyres, six-spoke alloy wheels, and front disc brakes. It also provides CBS as a regular fitting.

Mileage: 74kmp

Displacement of the engine: 109.2cc

Price: Begins at Rs. 57,298.

Hero Passion Pro 110

Hero’s Passion Pro 110 is based on the Splendor iSmart 110 famous platforms. The bike can be found in 4 different models in India. The strong motor of the bike produces 9.02bhp power and a torque of 9.79Nm. In addition, the new bike model is upgraded to the BS-VI specifications and provides a rejuvenated style.

Miles: 60kp to 84kpl

Engine : 109.2cc.

Price: Rs.57,100 starting

TVS Radeon

Bike under 1 lakh

This concept was introduced to the market by TVS to offer Hero Splendor strong competition. The bike has an appealing and sleek look like an 8.2bhp capacity and 8.7Nm torque single-cylinder engine. This bike also provides the Royal Enfield Classic rubber tank grips with a 10-liter tank. You can choose from 6 motorcycle paint choices.

Miles: 69.3kmpl

Engine: 109.7cc.

Price: Rs.51,360 starts.

Bajaj Platinum 100

Bike under 1 lakh

A commuter bike that meets the day-to-day transport needs of a rider in India under Rs1 lakh, is a Platina. This is a simple bike with the strength of 7.8bhp and an 8.34Nm, and comes in 2 models – electronic charging and starting kicking. This cycle is built for switchers looking for trouble-free riding at a low maintenance cost and has a compact bucket weight of 117,5 kg.

Miles: 90kpl

Engine : 102cc to 115cc

Price: Rs.40,897 starts