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Bike Riding: Never forget these important things

by Meghashree Das

Biking is an amazing adventure. There are many people who are fond of driving a motorcycle/bike and going on difficult terrains. While you prepare yourself for a long vi king adventure trip, there are many things you must consider in hindsight. Bikers think that they can easily manage a trip with a smartphone, basic biking gear, and a credit card. However, this is not as easy as it sounds.

Many biking experts who’ve been there and done that, know that proper preparation goes a long way, A long way towards keeping you on the road without getting into trouble. ln this article, we shall learn about some of the most essential points that you should never forget while riding a bike.

Essential things to carry before riding a bike:

Road maps (Utmost essential if you want to explore on a bike)

A road map is like the best friend of bike Riders.  It is true that biking adventure is more about exploring the journey and thinking about the destination. How you get there is more important than where you end up.  However, if you don’t know the correct path of your journey, an adventure can turn out to be a nightmare. 


For this road maps are very important as they provide a picture of the geographical terrain of a particular area. Maps also have the best description and details for motorcycling roads in particular states or regions. Therefore, never forget to carry a road map of the particular area before leaving for a biking adventure.

GPS Navigation unit

As much as maps are important for a motorcycle ride, without GPS they are of no use. For ages, GPS has been the best tool of navigators. It provides correct directional help that is needed in emergency situations. GPS in general just makes life easier, therefore for bikers, it is no less than a boon. 


Many enhanced sports bikes or motorcycles have inbuilt GPS devices. However, if your motorbike does not have one there is no need to worry. External GPS is easy to find and read and should always be packed in the backpack before leaving for an adventure.

Helmet communicator Bluetooth (no bike complete without this)

Most of the solitary time spent Inside a helmet with nothing but the sound of wind and your engine can be relaxing. However, there are times when you would want to listen to your favorite music while enjoying the journey. 

What is the purpose of Bluetooth helmet communicators other best devices that expert bikers can look for! Whether it is listening to music in solitary, speaking to fellow passengers on the adventure, or simply listening to GPS instructions helmet communicator serves all the purposes.

An amazing part of these communicators is that you can pair them with multiple devices and they transition seamlessly between different functions. This also saves you from the hazard of talking on a mobile phone while you are driving a motorbike.

Bike helmet

Emergency communicator 

Adventures in remote terrains bring a lot of joy and enthusiasm, but at the same time it cuts you off from the communicable world. In a lot of remote regions, the range of cell phone is not available. In such situations, if you have an emergency contacting anyone becomes very difficult.

In situations like these, an emergency communicator acts as a life saviour.  Emergency communicator personal trackers integrated with GPS messenger, which communicates with satellite to determine your location anywhere on the globe and send messages to family and friends via text or email.

In an emergency situation, hitting the SOS button notifies the GEOS rescue coordination center. It initiates a rescue effort in the form of “I need help” messages, or in the form of acknowledgment messages like “I am ok.” Also, these communicators are small pocket-sized devices that are waterproof.

Motor bike towing service

Now, this might seem an additional point or something that is not applicable to everyone, however, it is not true. For bikers, the most dreadful situation can be when their vehicles get stuck or damaged by any case due to difficult terrain biking. In such situations, it is very difficult to get the vehicle back home.  a towing service always helps in getting the vehicle back. bikers should always be in touch with towing services and should reach out to them in times of need.

Insurance service

Life is uncertain.  When heading out for a biking adventure, it is never certain if you are going to successfully complete it.  Accidents happen sometimes far from home. in case of fatal accidents, evacuation to the nearest medical facility and then back home remains the only option.

You have evacuation medical insurance in place, you can always be confident of your finances and not worry before taking the risk. There are many evacuation insurances that provide annual membership programs to their customers both for domestic and global air medical transportation and related services. 

Depending on different evacuation insurances their membership premiums will vary. Hence it is important for every adventurer bike to get the evacuation insurance done in the first place as a paramount essential before riding bikes.

Flat tyre repair kit (considering a bike is like any other vehicle)

Bikers always have to be ready with the right equipment. Whether it’s their vlogging technologies or flat tyre repair kits, everything needs to be available in the backpacks. Modern motorcycle tyres provide good grip in dry and wet conditions.

They typically last for thousands of miles. However in general, all tires are vulnerable to cuts and puncture. A flat tyre can immediately bring your journey to a halt. Motorcycle has tubeless tyres; a good flat repair kit can get you back on the road in no time.  Repair kits are not very costly, and the available in affordable prices. 

Most of the repair kids are compact and lightweight, it of eight tyre repair plugs, insertion tubes, air stopper, clearing attachment, and cleaner and handy polythene.

Rain suit and waterproof gloves

If you are a biker, you need to be ready with necessary wearing gear in your backpack for whenever there is a requirement.  Rain suits and waterproof gloves are something that travel with the bike most of the times. If you keep riding through the fall and winter, you will know what real rain is. 

Rain Gear

Various terrains in many countries experience the local weather and climatic changes. This can range from heavy rains, to scorching summer heat or increased humidity. Thus, Rain suit and waterproof gloves will always keep you ready and save you from any trouble occurring during the adventure.

Flip up/ modular helmet

As a biker it’s very important to keep a helmet with you. It is truly one of the most predominant safety gears. There are special helmets available for people who love bike riding and go for long adventures. These helmets consist of the chin bar in the open position and interior sunshield lowered.  Always wearing full coverage helmet help in protecting the front face, skull, and the neck portion of bikers. This comes really handy in case of mishap or accident.


Biking is fun. Only if you know what are the important equipment’s, gears you should carry in your backpack before leaving for the adventure, will your adventure turn out to be fruitful. The above tips help in understanding various aspects of safe bike riding. Also, it’ll help understand the things you should never forget before heading for a biking adventure.

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