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A Bike Ride From Jaipur To Mandawa

by Sweeta Gupta
bike ride from jaipur to mandawa

A bike ride from Jaipur to Mandawa was just an astounding and magnificent trip for me my group. As me and my group took a road trip to a cultural heritage city- Mandawa on 2018. Eight bikers with four machines went through open stretches, precarious contorts and paths to praise the soul of motorcycling and to acquire an all-new trekking experience.

The possibility of an appropriate journey was only an idea until one fine day, we at last chose to try it out. The interminable conversation with respect to the destination began until somebody jumped out the name Mandawa and, wondering for no specific reason, the entire group googled it out.

The place intrigued nearly everybody at the absolute first moment because of its grand Havelis and the stunning picturesque perspectives it offers.

Immediately, me and my group started our journey on the following day and returned with a ton of memories and surprisingly more experiences.

Here’s what I want to say about the trip.

The Place and its Geographical Location:

The town Mandawa is arranged 190 kms North of Jaipur. Situated in the Jhunjhunu region of Rajasthan, Mandawa is a part of Shekhawati locale and lies between scope 28° 06′ in north and longitude 75° 20′ in east, on the off chance that we talk unadulterated topographically.

The place is celebrated for its Forts and Havelis and is known as the biggest Heritage Village in the country. The City has a decent road connectivity and is connected well with the close by and significant places.

Be that as it may, there is no immediate train to Mandawa. The closest airport is Jaipur International Airport. Additionally highlighted in different Bollywood movies pictures like Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK, Mandawa will give you that genuine feelings of peace in the event that you are living in the buzzing about of a normal concrete jungle.

Selection of Bikes:

bike ride from jaipur to mandawa

After the place was chosen, the subject of conversation moved to the selection of bikes that would be our allies for the journey.

From the outset, it appeared to be that doing a 400kms long journey on less than 150cc bike. One of my friend who has been to this place various occasions before was adequately certain to go on his Pulsar 135 for the trip.

Thus, the arrangement finished with a Pulsar 135 and three 150ccs. The other three machines were the lively Yamaha R15, Lord of the Streets Yamaha FZ-16 and a solid Honda CBR 150R.

This bikes gave us tremendous result and we didn’t faced any issues regarding this bikes. I would like to suggest you this bikes if you are thinking for a road trip through bike.

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The Journey:

The ride turned out to be significantly more satisfying with the morning breeze kissing us and the sunrays lightning up the landing area and surroundings quite well. Not long after retaining the fervor of journey, the armada chose to acquire speed considering the number related we had determined to arrive at the destination.

Keeping a speed of 65kmph to 80kmph, the group covered a distance of around 70kms in a good 60 minutes. We had our morning meal on a side of the road Dhaba.

Not long after eating and tea, we folks again began the journey and we were almost certain to arrive at Mandawa by around 1pm. The Ringus-Sikar highway is likewise a decent flat stretch and we traveled down the surface with a similar speed same as before.

We left behind the highway not long after a point where we needed to take a right turn to continue on the Jhunjhunu street. This was the point at which our riding abilities were put to test as the single lane road was loaded with exciting bends in the road.

Besides, subsequent to passing a couple of kilometers, we arrived at Nawalgarh where we took another quick stop to recapture moment. Before long, the ride began again with the excitement of exploring another new place in our considerations as of now.

Soon after zipping through some more kilometers, an achievement with “Mandawa 14” composed on it grabbed our attention.

The way to Mandawa is towards the left hand side from the Jhunjhunu street, on a way that takes after the village roads seen in different motion pictures.

Presence two or three lavish hotels that we passed additionally affirmed that the town has most likely a decent notable significance with a good number of tourists visiting the place.

The City of Havelis Greeted us with Warmth:

bike ride from jaipur to mandawa

The City of Mandawa appeared to be more lovely than what we anticipated. The little shops and markets with a respectable crowd gave the sensation of a regular Indian town.

On going two or three noteworthy doors, we at last arrived at where our visit was at that point settled. The clock showed 1pm when we hit our destination, coming to in 5 hours (and that was very acceptable if you were to ask me).

The Singhasan Haveli Hotel was the place and as the name proposes, the haveli was changed into a hotel perfectly. On entering the structure, the primary thing we saw were the attractive and eye-catchy canvases with which the entire region was immersed in.

With the interest to get a perspective on the town, we moved toward the terrace and the spot didn’t frustrated us even by a little part.

It appeared to be that Mandawa used to be a position of Havelis and royal families as there were a great deal of such monuments and structures with scarcely any urban touch. Undoubtedly the excellent legacy town in the country, the place was totally peaceful regardless of having a nice measure of populace.

Our Stay and returning back to home:

Mandawa seemed to be some other happening town you have at any point found in Bollywood motion pictures. In any case, this place had an additional bit of legacy to it.

The markets were packed and you will see various outsiders while going through the roads. In the wake of going a couple of kilometres, you will see that each building occasionally resembled a monument from an earlier time.

We chose to hit the highway before sunset as the single path road prompting the expressway was denied of appropriate lights. Remembering this, the group left the Hotel at 5 PM and soon we were back on landing area with our machines.

Following a simple ride, the surrounding started to diminish because of which the beasts needed to open their savage eyes. The ride back turned into somewhat extreme because of the great bar headlights of approaching vehicles that were blazing directly into the eyes.

When we were back on highway, the bikes picked up a speed and were again tasting the speed past 80kmph.

Our group took a stop multiple times for the tea and true to form, we were back in our city by 10pm, at a similar place from where the outing was initiated in the morning.

Depleted by the long tiring day yet similarly mollified by the 350kms long journey, me and my group took with some valuable moments that would keep going for a lifetime.

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