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Bajaj Chetak reopens bookings for electric scooters

by Navyatha Sandiri

The Bajaj Chetak has a 4kW BLDC engine with 16Nm. It provides a true range of 95 kilometers in Eco and 85 kilometers in sport.

  • In the last few months, Bajaj Auto in the Indian market has gradually expanded its scope to Chetak.
  • In early 2020, the Chetak brand was re-entered in India.

Bajaj Auto reopened its Chetak scooter bookings in India on Tuesday. The two wheels can be reserved for a reservation number of 2.000 on the company’s official website. Cancelation charges have been maintained at € 1,000 in-car post-booking warrants.

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Bajaj Chetak

The Bajaj Chetak is unfortunately only in Pune and Bengaluru, while the TVS iQube Electric is only available in Delhi and Bengaluru. In contrast, Ather Energy has aggressively expanded into cities like Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Jaipur, or Delhi. Unlike 450X, however, the Chetak is an inexpensive e-scooter.

Bajaj Car has gradually expanded the presence of its electric scooter on the Indian market. The vehicle was sold as early as December 2020 from a total of 18 dealerships, five of them in Pune and the rest in Bengaluru. In addition, in the international market, Bajaj also planned for Chetak. Chetak’s concept for European Union in 2020 was formally registered by the automaker. The patent was registered by the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). A valid inscription has been issued until November 2029.

In early 2020 the Chetak brand had been reinstated in India. This time it came with an electric engine, instead of the ICE motors, unlike the original Chetak scooters. The Chetak now produces power from a 3.8kW/4,1kW electric motor (permanent/peak power) as regards mechanics. In a special Automatic Transmission, the power is transferred to the rear wheel. A lithium-ion battery with a rating rating of 95 km (Eco-mode) and 85 km for the maximum charge would saw the engine up (Sport mode).

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Bajaj Chetak

It uses an LED headlamp with horseshoes-shaped DRLs to illuminate the lane. A solid steel framework on which the scooter is built is used for both thrust and strength. Scooter body panels are also made of stainless steel. Chetak is sold with a guarantee of three or five thousand years, whatever is previously. The electric scooter can be purchased in two models and six colors further categorized as luxury and urban.

In the meantime, for its entire April series of two-wheelers, Bajaj Auto announces a new price increase. Its Dominar bicycle range is now up to 3,000 costly in India “as read and reported by www.bikewale.com”.