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Android Auto-connect Now Available In Harley Davidson!

by Siddheswar Ojha
Android Auto-connect Now Available In Harley Davidson

The Harley Davidson is no longer a traditional bike maker. Now they have finally added the GTS which will have android connect.

In the year 2021, they are going to launch an android auto connect feature. The GTS will feature a 6.5 inches touchscreen which will be protected by corning gorilla glass for scratch resistance.

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The box GTS will be able to update every system using the android auto by using the USB.Apple CarPlay can also be used but the user needs to have a genuine Harley Davidson motor accessories headset. The GTS will also project many mobile features like music from Spotify.

New android system available in Harley Davidson

Currently, the android auto-connect is limited to countries like Canada, France, Australia,  Germany, South Korea, the united kingdom, India, and the united states of America. The google assistance will help you to check traffic and change the music or the radio station using your voice so that you will be more focused on the road and your safe driving.

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Android auto will be celebrating its 5 years since it’s birth in May 2015, with Hyundai sonata. The South Korean company offered it free of charge after the apple car play was rejected due to several criticisms.

On the same note, the great company Harley Davidson lost its 5.2% sales in the united states of America in the back year 2019 as compared to that of 2018.

new generation Harley Davidson

However, the sales of Harley Davidson have increased in the ASEAN markets but the company has faced a total loss of 4.6% of the decline in sales worldwide. But the company hasn’t announced any plans to stop the losses and maximize the profits.

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