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All Renault Cars Discount offers Up to Rs 1.3L Aug 2021

by Navyatha Sandiri

Renault India offers high discounts and perks in India for its full line of cars. In August 2021, Renault Cars Discount for Renault Duster, Kiger, Triber, and Kwid are available up to Rs 1.3 lakh.

In the Indian market, Renault India has four products. Eventually, there are a tried and tested SUV Duster, the MPV Triber Micro SUV Kwid, and the newly announced small SUV Kiger. In August 2021, Renault offers discounts and bonuses to promote demand for all four of its models.

This month, customers would be eligible for maximum benefits of up to Rs 1.3 lakh depending on model, version, and state. Offers are made between 1 August and 31 August, including cash reductions, exchange incentives, loyalty perks.

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Renault Kiger August 2021 discounts

In August 2021, a special loyalty package to return purchasers or as an exchange bonus of a former Renault model is available for the Renault Kiger, which has Rs 10,000. Furthermore, up to Rs 10,000 is also available for company discounts with a unique incentive for rural clients. In the ‘Buy Now, Pay 2022’ offer, Kiger clients can decide on a 6 month EMI vacation. While these are normal deals across India, consumers are given a 5-year extended guarantee package in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, and Kerela.

Renault Kwid August 2021 Discounts

At Kwid, Renault offers corporate discounts of up to Rs 10,000, EMI vacation of six months, and Rs 10,000, in exchange, under the scrappage ruled. You will get an additional Rs 10,000 cash reduction if you’re all right to get a model year unit 2020. Moreover, it is possible to enjoy monetary rewards up to Rs 50,000 for Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, and Kerela states, while clients from others can benefit from Rs 40,000.

Renault Triber August 2021 Discounts

Standard deals for rural consumers are the Renault Triber with a company discount of up to 10,000 Rs. Six months of EMI vacation is also accessible, while Rs 10,000 is also included in the exchange advantages under Relive’s scrapping policy. In a Triber model year 2020, Rs 70,000 can be utilized in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, and Kerela; and Rs 60,000 is offered for the model year 2021 Triber. In India, up to 60,000 Rs may benefit from the Triber Model Year 2020 or 50,000 Rs from the Triber MY2021. August 2021 Discounts for Renault Triber.

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Renault Duster August 2021 Discounts

The French brand on Renault Duster gives up to Rs 30,000 to its rural clients as a company discount. with exclusive deals. Besides the exchange bonus of Rs 10,000 as a usual part of the scrapping program. Up to Rs 90,000 is available for a cash discount in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, and Kerela. The Rs 90,000 CA benefits disbursement includes the Rs 40,000 Exchange Incentive, the CAD 35,000, and the Rs 15,000 loyalty benefit “as read and reported by www.financialexpress.com”.