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How much CC is Activa 4g?

by Navyatha Sandiri

The Honda Activa 4G was launched in February 2017 and complies with the BS-IV emission requirements and is also fitted with an AHO auto headlamp. Activa is the largest two-wheeler retailer in India and the world. Here’s what you need to know about the Honda Activa 4G.

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The Honda Activa 4G is the newest Activa model to be offered in India. It has been established that Honda Activa is the largest two-wheeler retailer in India and the world. It is Honda Activa which is leading the growth of automatic scooters as the second-highest selling segment of Indian two-wheeler space in the 110 cc motorcycle market. In reality, the automatic scooter segment represents 35% of the market share compared to 36% of the 110 cc motorcycle segment. Only one percent difference! The Honda Activa was first released in the country in 2001 and sold a total of 1.5 crore units, including the latest model, the Honda Activa 4G. The Activa is the first scooter to hit this milestone, and it seems like no other scooter can achieve these sales figures anytime long. Here’s a ready-to-recognize Honda Activa 4 G that will let you learn more about India’s best-selling scooter.

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  1. The Honda Activa 4G is the fourth generation Activa platform that was launched in February 2017. It was introduced before the government’s ban on BS III vehicles entered into effect on 1 April 2017.
  2. The Honda Activa 4G is fitted with a 109 cc single-cylinder engine that makes 8 bhp at 7,500 rpm and 9 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The engine, of course, complies with the BS-IV emission requirements. The engine is coupled to a V-Matic CVT transmission and the company has recorded a top speed of 83 km / h.
  3. The Honda Activa has an ARAI fuel economy rating of 60 kmpl. With a fuel tank size of 5.3 liters, the total range of the scooter is 318 km. Of course, this is on paper. The real-world fuel efficiency should be equivalent to 52-54 km / h and the scooter should be 275-280 km / h.
  4. The Honda Activa 4G is fitted with comfort and safety features such as a mobile charging socket in the under-seat storage room, an automatic headlamp on (AHO) feature, and Honda’s proprietary combi-brake technology with equalizer. What the combi brake system (CBS) does is apply both the front brake and the rear brake when the left brake lever is pushed on the scooter. The organization claims that CBS helps to reduce stopping distances.

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The Honda Activa 4G is priced at 50,730 (ex-showroom, Delhi). Honda offers only one version of the Activa 4G, unlike other automatic scooters, which have more than one model.