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6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Mahindra Thar

by Meghashree Das
Mahindra Thar the best Jeep in the segment

In India, there has always been the demand of rugged, macho looking jeeps. It always provided a masculine touch to the vehicle. Mahindra is one of the few car companies that catered to this demand. Mahindra is famous for manufacturing 4*4 jeep. It took the car market by storm.

In 2020, Mahindra unveiled the first look of the New Thar Jeep. And it again was successful in attracting a major chunk of customers. the older version of the Thar jeep was a successful jeep in the car market.

People have lots of expectations from the new design of the Thar Jeep. And it has already started turning heads because of the wide range of features. so, if you are someone who likes rugged, masculine jeep designs, then this jeep is for you.

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Let us look at reasons which make Mahindra Thar the best Jeep in the segment

Mahindra Thar the best Jeep in the segment
  1. Look & Style

The iconic Thar jeep was famous for the masculine design it carried. Keeping in view with the same, the looks are still preserved in the new version. It carries a good old design from the front. But this time, it is also equipped with some better features. The New Thar has a convertible upper design now. With the new jeep, you can get a hint of the fresh breeze with this upper convertible design.

The new Thar jeep is a mixture of timeless features with the new designs. This jeep gives a vintage look but also keeps all the new features in check.

  • Automatic & Manual Transmission

With the new Thar Jeep, you can give rest to your left leg. Why? Because Thar Jeep carries a 6-speed transmission system. It is available in both- manual & automatic transmission. With the automatic transmission system, heavy roads will feel like a cakewalk.

The Thar Jeep is designed to withstand tough roads & terrains. And now with the transmission system, you can trust this beast to last any road.

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  • Stylish and Comfortable Interior Design

The Thar Jeep looks rough on the outside. But on the contrary, it is comfortable on the inside. It has a comfortable 5 seater space. The jeep also has a central locking system & sufficient space for you. it also has a 2 door option which is present on the front.

The height of the seat is in good acquaintance with the height of the car. It provides an optimum view of the front & back both.

  • Interactive Interior Features

As we talked about, thar combines old design with new features. The interiors of the jeep are jam-packed with interactive features. In the new Thar, you get features like GPS Navigation & Touchscreen display. automated parking guidance is also visible. The display is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows. You can play music & videos with it.

You can also connect the jeep with your smartwatch to have easy visibility. With Thar, you can also monitor all the vital statistics with altimeter, and compass. The new Thar jeep contains all the features you need for an easy and comfortable drive.

  • Performance

The Thar Jeep has an excellent rating in terms of performance. The vintage beast can outlast any kind of heavy roads. It comes with a hill-hold system which helps in controlling the descent uphill & downhill. The new Thar Jeep also meets all the efficiency standards. The jeep has a mileage of 15.20 Kilometre per litre which makes it an affordable option. It has an engine of 1997cc onwards depending upon the model. The powerful engine can take you through any kind of heavy roads.

  • Safety

The new Thar Jeep is one of the few jeeps to meet global car safety norms. It meets and fulfils all the safety standards that are required globally. The jeep also has 2 airbags in front to ensure the safety of passengers in case of any mishap.

The Thar jeep also survived the crash test. It makes the jeep super safe and secure. You can purchase this car without any second doubts in mind.

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As we can see, the new Thar Jeep is a beast on the road. Be it performance, safety, looks, or comfort, Thar ticks all the boxes. So, if you are someone who adored the previous Thar Jeep, you are going to love the new addition too.