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Driving on the highway, these 6 mistakes can be fatal

by Meghashree Das

We’re all blameworthy of driving mix-ups. Here and there we drive while lazy or let ourselves become occupied by an abnormal site or an uproar going on in the vehicle. It’s normal to drive down a road and see others in vehicles chatting on cells, putting on cosmetics, shaving, or in any event, perusing! 6 Mistakes while driving a car on highway

Regardless of whether you are a paragon of driving uprightness or dread out and about, you would do well to peruse a new rundown delivered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on the most widely recognized dangerous driving missteps. Try not to let companions and friends and family hazard their lives with these dangerous practices:


On the off chance that you detect a vehicle in a rush, don’t be adamant and yield the option to proceed regardless of whether you are legitimately directly in can’t. While the other driver may be being a harasser in guaranteeing you give way, it’s smarter to let him through. Try not to obstruct the way of the vehicle by moving before it or hinder its entry in any capacity. Doing so is hazardous and builds the danger of a mishap.

Additionally, zigzagging all around traffic is a genuine security danger. Continuously recollect, with regards to driving, it’s arriving at your objective securely that is generally significant.


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Driving over a given speed limit isn’t just unlawful, yet additionally risky. Driving at 60kmph on a street where the breaking point is 50kmph may save you 20 minutes, yet it additionally expands the odds of a mishap.

The quicker you are moving, the more it takes for the vehicle to do your offering when you apply the brakes. It additionally diminishes the time you need to respond to the unforeseen, for example, a vehicle crazy or a creature going across the street. The sheer physical science of a crash at high velocities ought to be sufficient discouragement. The more prominent exchange of energy coming about because of the higher force can cause terrible wounds.

Likewise, you will be reserved by the police on the off chance that you are found speeding, which will incorporate a fine the first run through (up to Rs 1,000) and a more perpetual discipline for recurrent wrongdoers.

In this manner, pick a speed coordinating the remainder of the traffic as intently as conceivable without surpassing as far as possible. On the off chance that the remainder of the traffic is moving at a speed quicker than you like, keep to the path on the avoided and stay with regard to the method of the quicker vehicles. In the event that you need to overwhelm a vehicle moving more slowly than you are, do as such from the right. Make your expectations clear utilizing the pointers prior to overwhelming.


“I never saw him!” is the most well-known pardon utilized after a mishap. In any case, please, it wasn’t that the other vehicle (or individual or electric post) was undetectable.

Various mishaps happen on the grounds that a driver doesn’t focus on what’s going on out and about. Any vehicle, insignificant in its size, can be the reason for a mishap. Likewise, recollect that you can’t depend on your kindred drivers to observe the guidelines and guard you. So stay cautious and guarantee that you have a lot of space to move your vehicle out of a conceivably perilous circumstance. It might be ideal in the event that you don’t utilize your cell phone or tune in to music on full volume.

Attempt to foresee what different drivers may do in the circumstance, particularly on open streets or when there is hefty traffic. It’s in every case better to remain attentive. Be cautious when moving toward traffic lights, breaks in dividers, or administration streets. Rushed drivers will in general join the principal street without checking the progression of traffic. Likewise, on a bustling street, like a business community, look out for vehicles pulling out from leaving. Post for holes in the lines of traffic for space to make a shifty move.

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The safety belt is the main security gadget in your vehicle. A safety belt may give off an impression of being immaterial, however, it can save your life. The power and unexpected development on the crash can lethally harm an individual (ribcage, lungs, and heart against the dashboard or directing wheel) or in any event, toss drivers out of the vehicle on the off chance that they’re not tied in.


On the off chance that you think you are diverted, focused, exhausted, or unwell and it will influence your judgment while driving, you ought not to get behind the directing wheel. Any of these can hinder your response time and drive in such a state is indiscreet.

Being exhausted, focused, or tired builds the odds of you nodding off at the wheels. On the off chance that it’s a lengthy drive and you feel tired, head over to the roadside and rest for some time.


The most reasonable activity in unfriendly climate conditions, for example, substantial precipitation or mist is to back off. Driving at high velocities in a hefty downpour could prompt your vehicle aquaplaning (ascend on a dainty film of water between the tires and street so that there is no more contact with the street).

Ensure that your vehicle tires have the correct gaseous tension on the grounds that overinflating tires lessen the region of contact with the street, bringing about loss of moving grating on wet surfaces. On the off chance that your vehicle tires are overinflated, discharge some air.

Also, perceivability is decreased essentially in a thick mist and passing judgment on the distances between vehicles gets troublesome.

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Tips to know before going out

1.) Swerving – According to the NHTSA study, neglecting to remain in their own path is the #1 explanation drivers end up in deadly mishaps.

2.) Drowsy Driving – According to the NHTSA, in 2007 exhausted driving caused the passings of 1,404 individuals, and more traffic fatalities happened during the hours when a great many people are acquainted with being snoozing (3 a.m. to 6 a.m.) than at some other season of day.

3.) Driving Under the Influence – According to MADD, somebody kicks the bucket in an alcoholic driving mishap like clockwork. Youngsters 21 – 34 are answerable for the most elevated number of alcoholic driving fatalities, and maybe, of course, most alcoholic driving fatalities happen around evening time and on ends of the week.

4.) Over Correcting – Teens and other unpracticed drivers are generally inclined to this anxious move. Over remedying when confronting inconvenience out and about can prompt rollovers and much more regrettable. Over 4% of auto fatalities consistently happen on account of this unsteady misstep.

5.) Speeding – Driving too quick is the second most elevated reason for death in fender benders. 30% of speeding fatalities happen at rates of 50 mph or above. Driving excessively quickly for conditions is another guilty party.

6.) Failure to Observe the Right of Way – This is the top reason for car collisions for seniors ages 70 or more and the fifth driving reason for crashes generally. As indicated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety


On streets that have higher speed limits, like parkways, traffic from the back methodologies rapidly. When there are huge vehicles like trucks and transports out and about, guarantee that you keep up sufficient distance for your vehicle to be noticeable in the back view and outside reflections of the vehicle before you. Indeed, closely following any vehicle is a danger. So keep a sensible distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front.

Sponsorship up is consistently precarious. Have a brief glance around for anything in your manner first. Be particularly cautious if there are youngsters playing around the vehicle. Cautious driving may appear to be dull, however, security ought to be the fundamental thought out and about.

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