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5 Incredible Electronic Features of MG Hector

by Mahima Bhatnagar
MG Hector

As the first MG product for the Indian Market, the Hector has significantly surpassed consumer expectation. The MG Hector is a mid-size five-seater SUV that can easily rival the Jeep Compass and the Tata Harrier. One factor of the MG Hector that makes it quite exceptional is its revolutionary electronic features. This article looks at 5 incredible Electronic Features of the MG Hector.

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Electronic Stability Program

The Hector has a highly advanced Electronic Stability Program that is designed to improve the stability of the car by detecting the lack of traction and reducing it. The ETP also detects when the driver losses steering control and counters this by automatically applying the brakes thereby helping to steer the car in the direction that the driver intends to go.


Another key electronic feature of the Hector is its automatic traction control system. The system helps to ensure that the car delivers the best driving experience by detecting signs of wheel-slip and ensuring that the car is kept under control during skidding or slipping.

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The Hector also boats of the Electronic Brake-Distribution System and Anti-Brake System which helps the car maintain control of the braking and engine system during instances of sudden breaking. The system helps prevent the car from skidding when the driver has hit a hard break.


The fourth cool electronic feature of the car is its break assist system. The car has a travel sensor that is attached to the brake pedal which works together with the brake assist system to automatically detect when the car attempts an emergency stop regardless of the amount of pressure that the driver applies to the break. The system works by automatically applying the maximum amount of until the car is brought to a halt.


Lastly the car has a rear parking sensor that works to alleviate the hassle of parallel or reverse parking. This allows the driver to concur any parking challenge.