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300 KMPH Jet-fuelled Nissan Patrol SUVs Impounded for Street Racing in Dubai

by Navyatha Sandiri

The report has been confirmed that cars are being modified by an illegal garage that gives young street racers special discounts.

Dubai is the city well known for its luxury, full of sports cars and supercars on its streets. There have been, of course, many instances where people have tried to pursue their dreams of street racing and thus put the public at risk. Having said that, there is a strange event that still catches our attention even after nearly eight years.

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The Police of Dubai recently placed a heavily modified Nissan Patrol following the event of a road race and the subsequent chasing. The SUV was converted into jet fuel and sported an engine with an additional pair of cylinders, according to a report listed.

Two men were arrested in 2012 in Dubai during a strange incident just outside the high-octane Hollywood flick for driving two illegally-modified Nissan Patrol SUVs on jet fuel. The engines were designed to specification, and the SUVs could speed up to 350 kph. According to reports.

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Reports say that the police tracked their activities for some time before they were arrested. The young guys were running in the streets of Dubai both in their 20s at the time. When these Nissan Patrols came under their control, police cracked down hard on street racers and illegal garages.

Sources also say that the men were trying very hard to avoid arrest. We sought out the policemen who wanted to persecute the drivers and outsmart them. The drivers, except for speed breakers, declined to downward and even shut off the lights to minimize the likelihood of being noticed, posing a significant danger to the general public. They were eventually identified and reserved for the lives of other road users.

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The Dubai police have some of the best production cars world-wide, including Ferraris, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, McLarens, Maseratis, Porsches, Paganis, and so on. It’s no wonder! Reports don’t say which cars have followed, but it’s an incredible accomplishment in itself that the cars have managed to keep up to speed.

The 2020 model offers two engine choices – a 4.0-liter V6 and a 5.6-liter V8 – for a Nissan Patrol availability. The former produces 275 hp and 394 Nm of maximum power and maximum couple, while the latter generates 400 hp and 560 Nm. A five-speed drive, a 7-speed drive, and a six-speed manual gearbox are available for transmission purposes “as reported by gaadiwaadi.com”.