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2021 the cheapest automatic cars to buy in India

by Navyatha Sandiri

If you’re looking for the best cheapest automatic cars to purchase right now. Here are Autocar India’s top five choices for the best budget automatic hatchbacks.

Despite the fact that 2020 has been a terrible year, consumers across India are considering purchasing new or used automobiles. Having a car not only allows for social distancing but also offers greater protection against potential Covid-19 infection. It is one of the main reasons why Indians are flocking to car showrooms.

However, we live in the era of coronaviruses. You want to pay less money while still getting a model that is technologically advanced. This typically translates into purchasing an automatic car that is inexpensive, dependable, and worthwhile as an investment due to its ease of use.

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Automatic vehicles are ideal for women and inexperienced drivers because they are simple to maneuver in traffic and have excellent handling characteristics. Furthermore, most high-end vehicles today do not even have a manual transmission option! So, whether for men or women, an automatic transmission is unquestionably the way of the future. But, in 2021, which are the cheapest and best value for money automatic cars to purchase in India?

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10

cheapest automatic cars

The Alto K10, India’s cheapest automatic vehicle, is a beast in its own right. It is lightweight, has a 1.0-liter engine, and gets up to 20kmpl on city roads.

Suzuki is well-known for producing some of the most affordable vehicles in India, and its dependability is unrivalled. But don’t expect any new ideas here. The Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 Automatic is priced starting at Rs. 4.04 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

Renault Kwid

cheapest automatic cars

If you’re not a fan of Maruti Suzuki, go for the Kwid. It is a decent automatic hatchback choice for those looking for a compact car with a spacious cabin and dependable customer service.

Renault has been present in India for several years, but it was the Kwid that propelled it to the forefront of the automatic car market. Do you want solace? Choose Kwid. The Renault Kwid Automatic costs Rs.4.48 Lakhs (ex-showroom).

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Tata Tiago

cheapest automatic cars

Tata’s passenger vehicle division is crushing it. It is also innovating, with at least two new models released every year since 2014.

The automatic Tiago, which is available in both petrol and diesel engines, is a good buy and is highly regarded in its price range. It is a direct competitor to the Alto and Kwid, with just a fraction of a price difference; the Automatic Tata Tiago starts at Rs. 6.33 Lakhs (ex-showroom) and goes up from there.

Maruti Suzuki Ignis

maruti ignis

The Ignis, another model by ‘India’s company,’ is a compact little vehicle for those who value style and freedom. If you want decent mileage and want to use it for a long time, this is the vehicle for you. The Maruti Suzuki Ignis Automatic starts at Rs. 6.13 Lakh (ex-showroom).

The quest for the cheapest automatic cars (under INR 5 lakhs) should begin with three considerations: frequency and duration of use, driver experience, and comfort level. You may have to make a trade-off between these variables, but the four models presented above do a good job of balancing them out.