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2021 Maharashtra’s EV policy to account for 10% new registrations by 2025

by Navyatha Sandiri
Maharashtra's EV policy
  • Maharashtra is the leading producer of BEVs in India.
  • All new state vehicles will be fully electric starting in April 2022
  • The road tax and registration charges for electricity sold in state shall be excluded.

Maharashtra’s EV policy, Maharashtra government has announced incentives to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles in order to increase the use of electro cars in the state. The government also wants Maharashtra to be the country’s top producer of BEVs. The government expects that the EVs, within the plan, will contribute 10 percent, or 3 lakh EV, per annum of new vehicle registrations by 2025. To that extent, until 31 March 2025, the state government promised Rs 930 crores.

In seven major urban areas and 4 national highways, the government shall create 2,375 public and semi-public charging stations. Moreover, the policy also provides for the exemption from the road tax for all the EVs sold in the state, and for all eligible EVs covered by the policy to be exempt from registration fees.

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The Maharashtra EV Policy is the most important highlights:

– Property tax discounts on the installation within company premises of private charging infrastructure.

– A minimum of 25% of the urban fleet of fleet aggregators (e-commerce, supplies, Logistics) operating in the State to be converted into EVs by 2025.

– Promote the operation of electric vehicles by fleet agrégators.

– Formulation for electric vehicles and related infrastructure of various incentive plans.

– All new state vehicles will be electric from April 2022 onwards.

Maharashtra's EV policy

According to the policy, the basic encouragement for electric vehicles is now similar to that of battery capacity in two-wheeler models – Rs five thousand per kWh. For two-road, three-wheel, and four-road incentives the maximum incentive is limited to Rs 10,000, Rs 300,000, and Rs 1.5 lakh.

In addition, customers can take advantage of an early bird rebate up to one lakh before 31 December 2021 for the purchase of an electric car or SUV. The two-wheel motors range from Rs 29,000 to Rs 44,000, and from Rs 57,000 to Rs 92,000, while the four-wheelers range from Rs 1.75 to Rs 2.75 lakh.

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The government has also announced incentives to charge the infrastructure, which attract Rs 10,000 for a slow public charge station and which will attract incentives for Rs5 lakh from a moderate/fast public charge station. By 2025, it plans to electrify public transport and last-mile supplies in six urban areas by 25 percent. In addition, 15% will be electric from the existing bus float of the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC).