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Top 10 Old Vintage Bikes That You Might Have Not Heard About!

by Jamuna Rawat
top 10 most popular vintage bikes

You might have seen lot of bikes from old classic model to super racing bikes. While there are still some bikes that you may have never seen because they might be not so popular in today World but where dream bike for many people when they were launched.

In this article we gonna be covering the top 10 old vintage bikes which will include some specific details about the bikes and here are few of them:-


Launched in 1970, a racing bike manufactured by Harley-Davidson. The primary purpose of this model was to be used in a dirt race. The xr750 was the no 1 choice of motorcycle stunt performer Evel Knievel. The XR 750 can reach to impressing top speed of 115 mph (185 km/hr), with a powerful engine of 748 cc and weight around 134 kg. This is the bike which was not seen normally on road and was mainly used in dirt races but it is a bike that any bike lover would love to ride.

harley davidson xr750


The classic old bike look, with an engine capacity of 350- 500 cc. The BSA Gold-star chuman was a single-cylinder four-stroke bike and was famous for being among the fastest bikes of 1950s. Launched in 1954 the bike weight around 170 kg . the bike was mainly handcrafted and  could reach to the top speed of 180 km/hr which was a lot for that era of motorcycle production.

bsa goldstar chuman


A stylish look bike launched in 1976 by Italian based motor company Moto Guzzi. The bike has engine capacity of 844 cc and 5 speed manual transmission. The bike is superbly made and can reach to a top speed 170 km/hr.

MOTO GUZZI LEMANS vintage bike


Launched in  1967 with engine capacity of 744 cc later in 1973 turned into 850 cc. Norton commando was manufactured by British based company Norton villers. The bike used to look classical and a bit small but was heavy in weight around 190 kg and could reach to top speed of 185 km/hr. In the early years of its production the Norton commando was famous all over the world and was known as machine of the year in the United Kingdom, and is the reason to be picked in top vintage bikes of all time.

norton commando


Most popular bike in India and might be the most demand bike in India. The royal en-field  was first manufactured in British but soon started its production in Chennai. The royal en-field has a record an unbroken chain of its production since 1948. Royal En-field has launched many models but one of the most famous was the 2004 model. This model was the major reason for the immense popularity gain by Royal En-field. The bike is superbly heavy over 200 kg and has loud sound and is the reason to be still loved by both young and old.

royal enfield bullet


Build up in Nottingham, England in the year 1924. The bike powered by powerful 998 cc engine and was high.in demand when launched. the bike became popular all over the world and was a symbol of modernization for people who purchased it. The bike has 3 speed gear box transmission and can reach to to speed of 180 km/hr which was quite interesting for many people. Build by brough superior, they used to review customer or take feedback to build up the powerful SS100. The bike has an astonishing look and is one of the top vintage old bikes.

brough superior ss100

7 • 1950 NORTON MANX

Launched in 1947 by Norton’s motor LTD. The bike has an impressive speed and could reach up-to 210 km/hr. The bike has 500 cc engine with 4 speed transmission. The bike weight light around 140 kg and is superbly built for the choice of old bikes lover.

1950 norton manx

8 • BMW R 60/2

The bike look similar to royal En-field and has engine capacity of 500 cc. The bike is superbly heavy weight around 430 lbs, and speed up-to 90 mph and is a good choice for people. The bike launched in 1956 and was one of the most popular bike of that era and the old vintage bike that most people might not have heard about.

BMW R 60/2


Manufactured by Ariel between 1931 and 1959 with powerful 997 cc (60.8 cu in) engine and  4-stroke, square four, air-cooled, OHV, 8-valve, SU MC2 carburetor transmission. The bike is long compared to most of the other bikes and is heavy in weight around 190 kg. The square four engines were the point to be noted for most bike lover during 1930s. The bike has a superb look and powerful performance and the old vintage bike that most people are not familiar with.



The range of bike 250 to 700 cc manufactured by from 1968 to 1980. The engines are air-cooled, three cylinders and piston controlled. The various model include. Mach III H1 500, S1 250 and S2 350, H2 Mach IV 750 and S3/400 all models were powerful and heavyweight around 200 kg and speed over 200 km/hr and was the sight of attraction for bike lovers and racers.


The above mentioned all bikes were the bikes which were most demanded bikes of their time and the bikes that are now just history. The bikes lover often loves to keep collection of old vintage bikes and these bikes are good choice for collection if got chance.